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Sparrow is a leader in the use of advanced robotic surgery for hysterectomies and other gynecological issues.

Robotic-assisted surgery offers a broad, new range of treatment options for common problems affecting women. The benefits include less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and dramatically decreased recovery time.

Sparrow boasts two daVinci robotic surgical systems in its state-of-art operating rooms in the Sparrow Tower, allowing expanded treatment for a greater number of patients.

Because robotic-assisted gynecological surgeries at Sparrow are minimally invasive, patients are given options they wouldn’t have with traditional open surgery.

Women who undergo a robotic-assisted hysterectomy typically return to their daily activities in 14-20 days, rather than the typical six weeks required for open surgery. With incisions the size of a quarter, there is significantly less scarring, too.

It all adds up to more choices for women and a quicker return to their everyday lives.

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