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Words can be powerful. They entertain and intrigue, comfort and inspire. They take people to places they've never seen before and remind them of places they've seen. And now, through Tuesdays Story, a special service of Sparrow Hospice Services, it's our hope they will also heal (The name Tuesdays Story is taken, in part, from author Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie). Hospice patients may give their own gift of words for their families and loved ones, a lasting tribute to their lives, their spirit, and their personal legacies.

Tuesdays Story writers are trained volunteers who will record and document the patient’s story.  They meet at the convenience and comfort of the individual hospice patient and engage in a personal, one-on-one conversation. The conversation may take place in the person's home, at Hospice House, at the patient's bedside or in their favorite room.

The interview, if agreeable with the patient, is recorded so the writer can work efficiently and make best use of the time shared with each person. An interview might last an hour, might include a follow-up visit or telephone conversation, or could occur over the course of several hours or meetings. The writer and patient together craft the way the story will be put together, just as they craft the story itself.

From those conversations, the writer prepares a life story of the individual, prints it on special Tuesdays Story letterhead, and inserts it in a keepsake binder. The patient decides when to share their words with their loved ones. The bound copy becomes a lasting gift from the patient to the family.