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MRI is an imaging technology that uses a large, very strong magnet, radio waves (similar to those received by your car radio), and a sophisticated computer to record detailed images of soft tissues within the body. 
It allows the physician to identify the differences between healthy and diseased tissue. An MRI exam is painless and uses no radiation or x-rays. There are no known side effects. In some cases, a contrast agent may be injected into the patient's arm. The contrast is not iodine-based like radiology contrast. Many MRI scanners also produce loud knocking noises during the scan for which ear plugs are provided. 

MRI produces cross-sectional layer views of specific areas of the body which are organized much like slices of bread. By collecting these sliced images, MRI can create a multidimensional view of the body area being scanned that greatly enhances your doctor's ability to accurately diagnose medical conditions. 

MRI is performed in order to diagnose a variety of medical conditions that affect soft tissue structures and organs in the body. Imaging of bone is often better done with an x-ray, not an MRI. An MRI cannot be performed at all if you are pregnant, or have: a pacemaker, embedded pacemaker wires, a defibrillator, cerebral aneurysm clips, or an epidural stimulator or catheter. There may be other situations in which an MRI cannot be performed on a patient. 

Being scheduled for an MRI does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from an illness. It simply means that your doctor wants to use the best technology available to produce a diagnosis. 

Sparrow MRI Services High field MRI 
Sparrow  MRI’s newest 3 Tesla Unit is the most advanced MRI system currently in clinical operation in Michigan, offering high definition joint and brain imaging. 

Mobile MRI 
Sparrow offers MRI mobile services at Sparrow Clinton Hospital on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. MRI service is provided at Sparrow Ionia Hospital on Wednesday and Saturday.  

PET/CT services 
Click here to learn about radiology services at Sparrow.