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At Sparrow, our mission is to improve the health of the people of our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time, whether it's through quality inpatient and outpatient care or providing healthy living options such as the Michigan Athletic Club.

Our services to the region also include providing community health education. That's why we've created Sparrow Smart Health. It's become so easy to find online resources that sometimes, the question is, "Where do I start?"

We hope this website will serve as a valuable source of information to begin a dialogue between patient and doctor and result in helping mid-Michigan families make their best hospital care decisions.

We've pulled together what we believe are a few helpful resources, and we hope this helps you get started.

Answers to your health questions

Are you in need of answers about illness or health conditions? Click here for two the Mayo Clinic Health Library.

Sparrow services and programs

It would be impossible to list every program or service offered by Sparrow. But we've offered up some of our most utilized services and a sampling of our health-risk assessments. Click here to go to our Sparrow Smart Health Services and Programs section to learn more about free online screens, free healthy-living programs, and much more!

Choosing care options

Public information measurement tools, when coupled with a frank and honest discussion with a physician, can help you make more informed decisions on where you can find best care. Click here to learn more about some of the resources available to help you and your physician understand these public information tools.