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Girl SleepingSleep Center 

The Sparrow Sleep Center acts as a resource for patients who have sleep apnea or other sleep disorders and it seeks to increase each patient's knowledge and understanding of their sleep disorder.

By helping to diagnose sleep disorders and making recommendations for treatment, the Sparrow Sleep Center strives to assist patients with improving their overall health, self-regard and productivity. 

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Center associates evaluate, diagnose, and initiate treatment for people with various sleep-related complaints. Sleep disorder testing is performed on patients of all ages. Diagnostic testing, CPAP/bilevel titrations, and reevaluation of current CPAP/bilevel settings are performed.

Sleep disorder testing is done in a comfortable, home-like environment by specially trained technologists, and all physicians interpreting sleep evaluations are board certified in sleep medicine.

Sparrow Sleep Center offers a CPAP/bilevel troubleshooting clinic free of charge. Please contact the sleep center to set up an appointment at 517.364.6310.

Referral Information

A physician order is required to schedule sleep testing. Physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine interpret sleep study data. Download the referral form (pdf).

Testing Information

Sleep testing is scheduled during regular sleep hours -- either night or day, depending on the individual's schedule. The sleep testing is performed in a comfortable, home-like environment by specially trained technologists.

The rooms are private, equipped with full-sized beds, cable TV and DVD player, and private bathroom and shower facilities. A sleep technologist places small sensors on various parts of the body for documentation of brain waves and muscle activity during sleep. The sensors allow the technologist to monitor the patient's sleep from another room. The patient will be required to be at the sleep center for a minimum of seven hours.

Home Sleep Testing

Home sleep testing is used to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. A physician my recommend home sleep testing if:

  • It is highly likely that you have moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.
  • You have no significant medical conditions other that suspected obstructive sleep apnea.
Home sleep apnea is covered by most major insurance plans for patients 18 years of age and older.


Sparrow Sleep Center is located at the Sparrow St. Lawrence Campus, Building One. Sparrow Sleep Center is open 24 hours, Monday-Thursday and every other Friday through Sunday. Closed on all major holidays.

Contact information

Phone: 517.364.6310
Fax: 517.364.6315

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