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Sparrow Clinical Research Institute understands the complicated world of research, the regulations, the time, and financial constraints of sponsors. We have 25 years of clinical research experience handling every step of drug, device, and strategy studies from phase I through post market. SCRI has functionality to handle everything from investigator-initiated single center studies to multi-center international and federally funded studies. Our roots in the Thoracic & Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation focused on cardiovascular disease, however, our research has expanded into new medical specialties since becoming the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute.

SCRI offers:

  • A dedicated research staff of registered Nurses, clinical research coordinators (CRCs), regulatory coordinators, data coordinators, contract and budget administration, and Director. 
  • Experienced Physician investigators with a true interest in research. 
  • Proven ability to coordinate trials in a timely and effective manner providing quality data. 
  • Efficient IRB and regulatory preparation. 
  • Required investigator and coordinator education in GCP. 
  • Our own In-house quality assurance program. 
  • Access to a large, diverse patient population. 
  • Quick budget and contract turnaround time. 
  • Adequate and comfortable space for monitor visits.