Please look for the hospital-wide “Quiet for You” promotional campaign featuring a dozen children and grandchildren of Caregivers.

Help us promote quiet and healing.

The campaign is part of Sparrow’s proactive approach to reducing noise and will feature posters, computer wallpaper and other materials with the taglines “Quiet for you” and “Quiet for Patients” to remind everyone to promote a quiet, healing environment.

The Marketing Department received well over 130 entries to the “Quiet for You” photo contest. The contest invited Caregivers to enter their child’s photo for a chance to be featured in posters and other materials. Those selected all participated in two photo sessions held outside of the Orthopedics Center on the 6th floor of the Sparrow Tower. The children were photographed in various poses with most holding a finger to their lips in the universal sign for ‘Sshhh!”

Click here to see examples of images used in the campaign.

Questions? Call Sparrow Communications Manager John Foren at 517.364.2207.

We look forward to your help in promoting a restful and healing environment for our Patients!