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You are more than a diagnosis or a procedure! At Sparrow, we care for you in a way that reflects this. During your hospital stay, you may need help to tap those spiritual and personal resources necessary to maintain your sense of well-being, faith, and hope. Chaplains are available to minister to your spiritual and emotional needs and those of your family at this time. We believe that caring for you spiritually is part of treating you with dignity and respect.

We provide quality, compassionate, and accessible care to the people our system serves by:

  1. Providing spiritual and emotional support to patients and families regardless of faith group affiliation or lack thereof, respecting every individual's right to his/her own beliefs. 
  2. Assisting with access to religious needs or rituals, such as sacraments, on request.
  3. Talking with the treatment team about spiritual care and how to meet your needs.
  4. Providing support to people who work at Sparrow, so they can provide the very best care to patients and their families.
  5. Supporting area clergy as they minister to hospitalized members of their own congregations.

The chaplain does not come to recruit members to a local congregation, nor to solicit donations from you. The chaplain does not come to you "because things are really bad," nor is he or she there for only "religious people."  The chaplain does not tell you what you “should” do or believe.

When to call the chaplain:

  • When you are anxious about your condition
  • When you are anticipating surgery
  • When you receive bad news
  • When you have a religious question
  • When you want someone to pray with you
  • When you want to receive a sacrament
  • When you are struggling with the meaning of your illness
  • When you are grieving over a loss
  • When you are having trouble sorting out your feelings
  • When you are lonely

Who we are

The Department of Pastoral Care is staffed by clinically trained and certified chaplains who are employees of Sparrow. Our staff chaplains maintain certification from the Association of Professional Chaplains. We represent a variety of faith backgrounds and are trained to provide pastoral care to people from all traditions of faith and no tradition of faith.

Our work with patients, family members and staff is grounded by the following values, based on those of the Association of Professional Chaplains:

  • The individual person possesses dignity and worth.
  • The spiritual dimension of a person is an essential part of an individual striving for health and meaning in life.
  • The spiritual care of people is a critical aspect of the total care offered in the delivery of care for public and private institutions and organizations.
  • Inclusivity and diversity are foundational in pastoral services offered to people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability or gender


The pastoral care office is located on the 3rd floor of Sparrow Hospital, near the skywalk. The chapel is located on the first floor at Sparrow Hospital and on the first floor of the main building at St. Lawrence. Our chaplains provide care throughout Sparrow Hospital as well as certain areas of the St. Lawrence campus (emergency department, Hospice House, and behavioral health)


Staff chaplains are on site Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (excluding holidays).  An on-call chaplain is available for urgent situations 24/7.  Chapels are open at all times for quiet prayer and meditation for people of all faiths.

Contact Info:

Main phone:  517.364.2707
Urgent needs and emergencies:  Please ask your nurse to page a chaplain for you.