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Sparrow's new brand identity

Over the past year, we've made remarkable progress toward our vision—to be recognized as a national leader in quality and patient experience. Our successes have included earning Magnet recognition and introducing new partnerships with Michigan State University and Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute (TCI). Our new brand identity reflects these exciting changes, and helps to unite Sparrow's campuses and locations, service lines and affiliates under a single Sparrow banner and single brand identity.

Interlocking rings

The rings symbolize the energetic movement of multiple parts coming together, the concept of One Sparrow and the unity of:

  • Caregivers and Patients
  • Clinical staff and the Associates and Volunteers who support them
  • Heritage and vision
  • Quality and Patient experience
  • Sparrow and Michigan State University's three human health colleges
  • Sparrow and the mid-Michigan region

Color palette

The vibrant green palette signifies health and growth and freshness and renewal. The darker tones lend a sense of grounding and strength in recognition of our rich heritage.