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In 2008, Sparrow opened a dedicated 29-bed orthopedic unit on the sixth floor of the new Sparrow Tower. This state-of-the-art unit features all private rooms and a dedicated orthopedic nursing, rehabilitation and case management team. It was designed based on input from the orthopedic staff and is tailored toward personal care, patient comfort and privacy.

The private rooms are designed to allow active participation of the patient in their plan of care. Patients have control over the immediate environment, with the support and involvement of family. The size and configuration of the rooms allow not only for maximum privacy and ease of movement, but participation by the family in post-operative care and the rehabilitation process.

There is an on-unit orthopedic rehabilitation gym as well as a conference room used for patient education, including pre-operative joint replacement classes.

Our Team

The inpatient orthopedic unit is staffed by a specialized team of orthopedic nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians’ assistants, case managers and orthopedic technicians.

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