Sparrow Nurses are charting the course for excellence in nursing.

​A special thank you message from Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Mary Lou Wesley.

By consistently going above and beyond, our more than 2,000 Nurses have helped Sparrow join an elite group of hospitals that have achieved Magnet redesignation, signifying the highest level of nursing excellence, quality Patient care and innovative professional nursing practices in the country. It is another way our Sparrow Nurses are charting the course for nursing excellence by providing quality, compassionate care to every Patient, every time.

Nurses Week 2015 is celebrated May 6-12 with special events for our Nurses. Please take a few minutes out of your day to personally thank the Nurses that have made a positive impact on you.

During Nurses Week, these messages will appear on this website, on our Facebook page and in various locations throughout the health system. Click here to leave your own message.

Nurse Name Department How has this Nurse made a positive impact on you Comment from Department
Cathy Homan Sparrow Weight Management I have listened to Cathy make some very difficult phone calls to our Patients to inform them they will not be having bariatric surgery due to underlying medical conditions that make surgery unsafe. Most of these people see surgery as their last chance. Patients are angry or sobbing. What they see as an opportunity has been snatched away. Cathy is very calm, reassuring and offers a lot of hope. Cathy manages about 400 Patients at a time. Keeping clearances, labs and appointments straight and on time. Her eye to meticulous detail is mind blowing. I am learning from her every day how to look ahead for road blocks and clean them before it impacts Patients. She can rattle off the most obscure phone number to the most obscure sleep center, out-lying hospital or PCP. She is an integral part of what makes weight management fly! Bonnie Russian Sparrow Weight Management
Tommie Kost GPU Always has a soft voice, warm heart, calming spirit, and kind words to offer our Patients! Samantha Simons GPU
Linda Searles GPU Very welcoming to new members of the team! A great trainer and mentor to staff! Such a caring Nurse and always going above and beyond for her Patients! Samantha Simons GPU
Cancer Center 1st floor Med-Gyn Oncology, Radiation Therapy I want to give big KUDOS to all the outstanding RN's that work in the Cancer Center. Without each and everyone we could not give the high quality, compassionate care that all our Patients receive. HAPPY NURSES WEEK EVERYONE! Lisa Pease, RN, OCN Cancer Center
Sharon Cosgrove Oncology You touch everyone you meet with your generosity and love. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments; I hope this is the first of many great things to come! Thank you for all you have done for me over the years. Kim Roberts Privacy
Sherry Larson Okemos Lansing OB/GYN Always so friendly, compassionate, and willing to help others in anyway possible. Patients love and adore her. She is an inspiration and sets standards that so many others should shoot for. Lisa Ultrasound
Sandra Ward SMG-SJ Sandy has always been a positive influence and such a caring leader to all of our Patients. She someone who I always hope I get the pleasure of working side by side with and sets the bar high for other Nurses. Working with Sandy has made me want to pursue my future in Nursing. I am very thankful for Sandy in our office and appreciate everything she does for us here at SMG-SJ. Stacy SMG-SJ
Gail Jehl PECSH Happy Nurses Week Gail! From our 4 South days to now it is hard to believe all that has taken place. I truly love working with you in every role I have been in. You make me smile whenever I think of you. Have a great week. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
SMG Practice Managers SMG practices I have had the pleasure of working with an outstanding group of women over the past few years - the SMG Practice Managers. Their dedication to their Patients, Caregivers and providers is the epitome of Sparrow's ICARE values. Over the years I have gained insight and grown. I may be a seasoned Nurse but their input has provided just the right amount of additional "seasoning". You are appreciated! Thank you Anonymous
Gail Jehl PESCH Gail has been instrumental in creating the collaborative relationship Sparrow has with PESCH. She puts the Patients first and she advocates for our Caregivers by partnering on initiatives such as the Pre-deployment program, the nursing fellowships, and the nursing councils, to name a few. She is a pleasure to work with and I have learned so much from her in my 16 months here at Sparrow. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Liz Goldberg R.N. Senior Health Thank you to Liz R.N. for managing our 65 and older Patients and delivering quality, compassionate care -paying attention to detail. Liz is always up for a challenge not only for our Primary Care Patients; but our Alzheimer, Palliative, and Hospice Patients as well. Deborah Miller R.N.C.B.S. Senior Health
Kristyn Briggs 4 South Kristyn is an engaged and motivated Nurse that provides exceptional care to each and every one of her Patients EVERY time. She actively facilitates her unit's UBC meetings and is a role model to novice and expert nurses alike. I admire her passion for excellence.
Mary Lou Wesley Administration Happy Nurse's Week. You are a visionary leader and I am proud to be a part of your team! Thank you for all you do to make Sparrow Nursing better than ever! Chris Jodoin Nursing Administration
Gail Jehl, RN PECSH Gail and I started meeting over 15 years ago in our roles as leaders - Gail in PECSH and I as an ADM. She ensured that I understood the agreement between Sparrow and MNA/PECSH and was ALWAYS on the side of safe and quality care for our Patients. Gail is kind and compassionate. I would let her represent me! Chris Jodoin Nursing Administration
Gail Jehl PECSH Gail has been an incredible mentor, friend and teammate. Her work as a nurse leader have brought unmatched changes over the years to the working environment in which we practice. Often operating behind the scenes, she's helped our associates in ways that simply can't be measured. Thank you Gail! Mike Severino 6 West
Nurses on 5 West 5 West 5 West Nurses are the best Nurses I worked with. They all care deeply for Patients and it is one of the hardest floors to work on. Leanne Claucherty 5 West
Tammy Banker Nursing Administration Tammy is a change agent. She is creative, kind, and strong. I am always impressed with Tammy's ability to develop, organize, and create. Thank you for everything you do Tammy! Lisa 5 West
Amy Brown Med Surg Director Amy is a fantastic leader! She is understanding, compassionate and creative. I feel very fortunate to work with such an engaged leadership team - thank you Amy for always supporting us! Lisa 5 West
Donna Doll Outpatient Surgery Donna is a true example of a kind, patient, educated, caring nurse. She is a great team player. She encourages others and shares her expertise in a humble manner. Micki Doherty Outpatient Surgery