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Nancy McKeague was in the best shape of her life.

The senior vice president of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce had taken up running with her husband, Judge David McKeague. Nancy was running in the Michigan State University Safe Place Run benefiting the campus’ domestic violence shelter. Then it happened.

“I had just reached the two-mile mark when I felt like something had hit me in the back of the head,” Nancy said. “I tried to turn my head, but I couldn’t move it. I had an awful headache, so I slowed to a jog to finish the race.

Nancy had suffered a brain hemorrhage. She spent the next 15 days in Sparrow’s neurological intensive care and neurological stepdown units.

She now leads an active, busy life while remaining under the care of Sparrow physicians.

Nancy has found many ways to give thanks to Sparrow.

In the next MSU Safe Place Run, she paid tribute to her caretakers by wearing a Sparrow T-shirt with these words silk-screened on the back: “Thanks to Sparrow and the Neuro Intensive Care Unit, I lived to run again.”

She also now chairs the board of the Sparrow Foundation, which offers gift opportunities to a variety of Sparrow services.

Her illness and the care she received at Sparrow “really got me very interested in what goes on in the hospital,” Nancy says.