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“Last year I spent my birthday in Sparrow’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit,” says Mike Goodman. “This year I’m going to do something fun.”

A few days before his birthday, a cardiac catheterization at Sparrow revealed a blockage in the left main artery of Goodman’s heart. He went from birthday plans to plans for triple bypass surgery.

Goodman, 63, of Lansing, benefited from expert physicians and nurses who’ve been bringing innovative care and research to the region for years.

“The nurse in ICU found out it was my birthday,” said Goodman, a General Motors retiree. “She brought a cake to the ICU – I thought that was beyond her job and really nice.” Not surprising since Sparrow understands the importance of involving patients in their care and treating each one like family.

Goodman is grateful Sparrow discovered the blockage before he had a heart attack. Now, he encourages friends to get regular checkups, watches his diet and doesn’t take anything for granted. And he works closely with his cardiologist, Dr. Mark Castellani, M.D.

Goodman gives credit to the Sparrow team for making this year’s birthday so special.

“I would recommend them to anyone. Sparrow is in the business of saving lives and they do just that – save lives.” Maybe you can have your cake and eat it, too.