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Individualized Care

Sparrow’s Heart and Vascular Center is the most modern in the region.

Our Physicians work with a compassionate and highly trained staff, consisting of registered nurses, stress technicians, echo technicians, Physician assistants and more—each one part of a team dedicated to ensuring that you get the individualized care you need.

Sparrow’s partnership with the Sparrow Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute (TCI) and other community cardiologists means you will receive the highest-quality care close to home.

About Mike Devlin

Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Specialist Mike Devlin has devoted his life to teaching children the value of staying active and involved.

When Devlin tried something new to improve his own health, he found himself in the middle of a very scary, possibly life threatening medical emergency. He had a heart attack at Sparrow’s Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) after working out with a friend in a fitness class.

“I remember thinking I pulled a muscle and then realized it was much more intense,” he said. “Suddenly, the MAC staff was all around me.”

A team of people at the MAC, in the ambulance, and at Sparrow Hospital, provided immediate help. Devlin underwent surgery and spent several days at Sparrow.

Even as his care and therapy continues, Devlin said, “Everything just clicks from the Sparrow Hospital team.”