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The attending Physician, normally your family physician, oversees your daily medical care. A rehabilitation physiatrist, a doctor specializing in rehabilitation, will coordinate and direct your rehabilitation program with other members of the rehabilitation team.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist will assist you in regaining your highest level of physical function. Based on your abilities and needs, you will receive individualized and group treatments.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist evaluates the skills needed to maximize your independence in activities of daily living, such as self care in bathing, dressing, eating, homemaking, community re-entry and vocational-related tasks. We will help you relearn previous skills and/or adaptive skills to return to optimal independence.


Medical Social Work/Case Manager

Sudden illness or disability can mean dramatic lifestyle changes, and adjustment to these changes can influence your long-term recovery. A medical social worker can address your questions or concerns with insurance and financial problems, medical equipment/supplies, skilled nursing care and support services that can ease your transition to home.

If home care is not possible, then discharge assistance to adult foster care or nursing home placement will be provided.

Speech and Language Pathology

The speech-language pathologist will evaluate your communication skills to determine your strengths and weaknesses. An individualized treatment program will be designed to improve speech, language and cognitive abilities.

The speech-language pathologist will evaluate patients experiencing difficulties with chewing or swallowing. Diet and liquid levels that are necessary for safe eating will be determined.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation uses recreations to help people with potentially limiting conditions make the most of their situation—physically, mentally and socially.

The therapeutic recreation specialist will conduct an assessment of your abilities, leisure interests and needs. Based upon this assessment, you will receive individualized and group treatment.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Our nursing philosophy emphasizes and promotes wellness while de-emphasizing the feeling of being sick in the hospital. In keeping with this philosophy, our specially trained Nurses wear everyday clothes as they assist in your rehabilitation.

Neuro/Rehabilitation Psychology

To better understand and cope with your injury or disability, the neuropsychologist may be asked to see you and your family. In addition to offering counseling, they will often administer tests to determine your cognitive thinking and memory abilities that may or may not have been affected by your condition.