The Sparrow MAC Squash League is a wonderful way to test squash skills in a league atmosphere while meeting fellow squash players with assorted styles of play. The MAC has three international "softball" courts. Our squash league is open to both members and guest players. The league provides head-to-head competition in a self-schedule format, weekly standings, playoffs, and prizes for league winners. 

Leagues Offered

Winter League: Starts mid-January 
Spring League: Starts late March/early April
Fall League: Starts mid-September

Each league runs approximately 10-15 weeks. Cost is $25 for MAC members and $75-$100 for guest players. The MAC also hosts periodic squash tournaments throughout the year. 

For additional information, please contact Squash Program Coordinator Matthew Haley at (740) 823-1082 or mhaleysports@gmail.com