Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect

COVID-19 and Lab Draw Stations

View the list of lab draw stations.

View the list of Drive Thru COVID-19 Swab Collection centers. 

COVID-19 Test Results

You will be notified by email when your lab results are ready. Login through Sparrow.org/MySparrow to view them. If you don’t have a MySparrow account, one will be created at the time of collection. 

Laboratory Services

Sparrow Laboratories offers a complete array of laboratory services, quickly and accurately performing millions of tests each year. Sparrow has 19 outpatient labs throughout mid-Michigan for your convenience.

A medical laboratory has an important function as the liaison between the technical and clinical worlds. The pathologists, clinical scientists, medical technologists and others who work at Sparrow Laboratories provide around-the-clock analysis that is essential to accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If you have any questions about Lab draw station hours or closures, please call 517.371.9500.
Sparrow labs

Know Your Numbers

Assess and monitor your risk of heart disease and stroke by visiting one of Sparrow’s Laboratories and request a Know Your Numbers screening today.

  • Screening includes cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL), glucose, and blood pressure checks.
  • Cost is $10/person (check or credit/debit card. No Cash Accepted).
  • No appointment or physician referral required.
  • To ensure accuracy, you must fast for 12 hours prior to the test; water is allowed and you may continue to take your medications.
  • Test results are mailed to you, and you can request a copy be sent to your doctor.

Facts about Sparrow Laboratories:

  • Sparrow’s lab ranks in the top 25 laboratories in the nation in the number of annual procedures performed.
  • We perform more than 9 million procedures annually.
  • Sparrow Laboratories couriers total nearly 2,300 miles a day transporting lab samples throughout mid-Michigan.
  • Sparrow’s Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory is ready to assist state and local public health efforts in the event of a bioterrorism or infectious disease emergency.
  • In January 2018, Sparrow expanded our state-of-the-art Molecular Diagnostics Center of Excellence to the Center for Laboratory Medicine - one of only 32 such centers nationwide - that greatly enhances the ability of Physicians to diagnose and treat infectious diseases, hereditary disorders and cancers, leading to better care for Patients. 
  • Sparrow Laboratories is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and has achieved ISO 9001 certification, a series of international standards for quality.