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Patient Needs Always Come First

At Sparrow, Patient needs always come first. Sparrow is constantly assessing how to implement the best Patient care practices.

We have created a Clinically Integrated Organization named the Sparrow Care Network. It is a partnership with Physicians that transforms the way care is delivered. The Sparrow Care Network will help ensure Patients receive the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

Physicians constantly evaluate and review their peers, focusing on performance and professionalism. Communication is also at the heart of quality care for our Patients and their families. Sparrow has taken the lead on mastering Patient-centered communication skills our region and Patients deserve.

About Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D.

Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., has exhibited team and leadership qualities from her earliest days at Sparrow.

A family Physician who has done it all from delivering babies to concentrating on office and hospital work and home hospice, Dr. Kent VanGorder now serves in a professional role with the Medical Staff as the Executive Director for Physician Performance.

“Just like a symphony, every individual at Sparrow needs to works together to produce the results we strive for and have been able to achieve.”

She helped develop a peer review and credentialing system based on standards of medical performance and professionalism which raise the quality of Patient care.

Dr. Kent VanGorder helps deliver the very best experience to everyone we serve, every time. She is also the lead on Sparrow’s Patient-Centered communications endeavor which ensures Caregivers and Physicians clearly understand what Patients expect, recognizing their needs always come first.