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Lose the pain and get back to your life

Sparrow Orthopedic Services now offers mid-Michigan's only "Total Joint Camp" program for total knee and hip replacement patients, in addition to a surgical team with access to the most advanced technology in the region. 

Think of Sparrow's Total Joint Camp as your own expert clinical team of personal assistants who become your counselors and cheerleaders working with you and your personally selected coach.

We begin planning for your care before surgery and continue throughout your hospital stay to recovery. Discharge planning, home medical equipment, pain management support, and post-surgery follow-up are scheduled in Sparrow's Total Joint Camp. That way, you recover faster.

Exclusive before surgery education: Total Joint Camp participants receive comprehensive education including a guidebook that details what to expect every step of the way. You learn how we'll manage your pain, about the rehab process before and after surgery, and receive custom exercises tailored to your individual needs. You receive proactive help with discharge planning, home medical equipment, pain management support, and post-surgery follow-up scheduling.

The unique Joint Camp approach provides personal attention before admission and allows fellow patients to develop camaraderie that encourages engagement and adherence to proven techniques for optimal recovery. Sparrow also celebrates each Joint Camp participant's achievements before sending them home.

Joint Camp delivers faster recovery and better outcomes because it allows patients to draw on group dynamics and access individualized, integrated care from a skilled clinical team.

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