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Jan McKimmy sees the beauty in life; she's artistic and likes to paint. But the colors were fading for the 72-year-old Grand Ledge resident. She was losing energy, running out of breath just going to her mailbox. That's when mid-Michigan's leading heart team took action.

McKimmy, who suffered a heart attack 14 years ago, had a checkup with her regular cardiologist, Michael James, D.O. He discovered a blockage in her artery after taking an EKG. Three days after the exam interventional cardiologist Nam Cho, D.O., placed a stent in her heart.

McKimmy raves about the compassionate care she received at Sparrow. "That's what made me relax. They were very informative. I knew exactly what was going to happen," she says. That's because Sparrow's leading heart team emphasizes ongoing, clear communication with patient and family, answering questions, listening, and thoroughly explaining the care process.

Now, McKimmy is watching her diet closely and recommending Sparrow to everyone she can. "You'll have a lot of faith in them."

And she's enjoying life's beauty again. The colors are vibrant as ever for Jan. See Jan's heart illustration in our Flickr gallery.