Celebrating our Partners in Patient care

Sparrow is once again showing appreciation for our Physicians in honor of National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2017.

We invite you to use this opportunity to share comments about the Physicians who inspire you.

These special messages will be sent to Physicians and will appear on this website, on our Facebook page and in other locations throughout the health system as we celebrate Doctors' Day and thank Sparrow Physicians all year long. 

Each and every day, Sparrow relies on our Physicians’ commitment and tireless dedication to caring for our Patients. We appreciate their efforts to provide quality, compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Click here to share a comment about an inspiring Physician. Check back as we post comments leading up to our celebration of Doctors' Day!

Physician Name Why this physician inspires me Name Department
Lynn Munoz, M.D. Dr. Munoz's dedicated and relentless passion to provide the very best care to our Patients inspires me. She takes difficult conversations and complex cases head on, facilitating a greater communication among all involved. Wendy Wildern BSN, RN, CCRN Neuro ICU
Frank Takyi, M.D. Dr. Takyi has the best bedside manner with his Patients. He takes the time to explain to the Patient their options and the risks/benefits of his recommendations for care in a way that the Patient understands well. I know from personal experience having him as my doctor in a very difficult delivery of my daughter. He took care of our family very well and took the time to check on my daughter in the RNICU, even days later. He is an exceptional ROGES attending working very hard for our unit as a leader/ mentor. He deserves recognition for being an above and beyond Physician. Brooke Smith RN Labor and Delivery
Lynette Masters, M.D. Dr. Masters is brilliant. She understands her Patients, and explains all treatment options to allow Patients to make fully informed healthcare decisions. She teaches those around her, making her entire healthcare team more informed, thus more valuable educators themselves. Meg Harrison SIH M/S SCU
Adriss Faraj, M.D. Dr. Faraj practices in multiple settings (Sparrow Hospital and Sparrow Ionia Hospital) and takes excellent care of his Patients. His international background gives him a unique perspective. He takes time to teach both his Patients and staff. Dr. Faraj is an amazing diagnostician and an incredible teacher. He is generous with his time and knowledge. Meg Harrison SIH M/S SCU
Jenifer Krause, M.D. Dr. Krause is an amazing diagnostician and wonderful teacher for both her Patients and her staff. She explains things so Patients can easily understand, and ensures Patients are empowered to make smart healthcare choices. She is an inspiration! Meg Harrison SIH M/S SCU
I. Carol Nwelue, M.D., Kalyani Vangala, M.D., and Papia Kar, M.D. Dr. Nwelue, Dr. Vangala, & Dr. Kar are by far my favorite Physicians to work with. Not only are they kind and compassionate, but they exhibit a bedside manner that makes Patients feel valued and cared for. They are truly an asset to Sparrow Hospital! Nikki 8 South
Kevin Cazan-London, M.D. Dr. London is always very patient and caring with his Patients. I appreciate that he will come to see our Patients in OB Special Care even on night shift to help them understand the plan of care. Dawn Kusszmaul, RN OB Special Care
Rhonda Maney, M.D. Dr. Maney is a fantastic educator. As a resident she challenges and supports me, constantly furthering my educational experience. I appreciate being able to reach out to her for advice, and am grateful for the time she dedicates. One of the residents OBGYN
Amber McLean, D.O. Dr. McLean has a positive attitude when it comes to instructing residents. Her calm nature creates a safe space for all of us to be able to learn. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her One of the residents OBGYN
Martin Schoenmaker, M.D. Dr. Schoenmaker is a kind, compassionate Caregiver, that takes times to empathize with his Patients. We residents are so fortunate to have him as a mentor. The time he dedicates to us does not go unrecognized. One of the residents OBGYN
Frank Takyi, M.D. As one of the OBGYN residents I get the opportunity to work with Dr. Takyi. I am always inspired by his calm nature, his efficiency, and his excellent surgical skills. We are so thankful to have him as a mentor and truly appreciate the time and effort he puts into resident education. One of the residents OBGYN
Robert Long, M.D. Dr. Long is a core faculty member of the OBGYN residency here at Sparrow. I truly appreciate all the time and caring he puts into resident education. He always goes above and beyond, constantly making himself available for us. He is the person that most of us turn to when we have questions, when issues arise, or we are in need support. I am so grateful to have him as a mentor. One of the residents OBGYN
Aditi Sharangpani, M.D. I would like to recognize Dr. Sharangpani (PICU), for her commitment and dedication in caring for our critically ill infants and children, as well as her enthusiasm to provide education to Physicians and direct Caregivers using simulation. Dr. Sharangpani recently completed her PALS Instructor training and has been working behind the scenes by adding simulation mannequins to the Children’s Center for Pediatric/PICU Physician and Resident training as well as PICU Caregiver skill development. Simulation provides a standardized and realistic approach to the assessment and treatment of the pediatric Patient in or near cardiac arrest. Pediatric Patients that present with respiratory and or cardiac distress and/or shock can quickly progress to cardiopulmonary failure and arrest if not treated expediently. Dr. Sharangpani is dedicated to improving the care that we provide to critically ill or injured Children in our community. Marianne George, MSN, RN-BC Nursing Education
John Armstrong, M.D. I work on the switchboard and I've been here approximately 37 years. I have never heard Dr. Armstrong get angry, yell, or be anything but very polite. If I'm not sure what he wants he's very helpful and deserves a pat on the back! He's great! Ruth Losh Communication Tec.
Frank Takyi, M.D. I feel my care is personalized and I am not just another Patient to him. He takes the time to sit down with each Patient and gives them 100% of his attention. You wouldn't know how many Patients he really does have or how busy he is. You don't see a lot of that. Paige Duprest Labor & Delivery
Timothy McKenna, D.O. Dr. McKenna performed a complicated appendectomy and small bowel resection on my college age daughter. He skillfully performed her surgery the day he was consulted and cared for her like she was his own daughter. He rounded on her every day of her 18 day stay in the hospital. He even called her personally one night to check on her. He truly cared about her as a person and I could not be more grateful for his care, surgical expertise, and time he gave to her during a very difficult time. Rhonda Barker Mother-Baby Center
Tara Nelson, D.O. Dr. Nelson is a great Physician and overall great person. When I first came here I had a rough transition and wanted to quit. She encouraged me to stay and took me under her wing. She treated me like a co-worker and a friend while teaching me how to take care of nephrology Patients. I appreciate her dedication and kindness everyday. Jessica Drews FNP-C Nephrology
Frank Takyi, M.D. Dr. Takyi is an AMAZING doctor. He is also kind to his Patients, as well as the Nurses and other colleagues he works with. Stephenie Brummette Mother Baby
Jennifer Joseph, D.O. Dr. Joseph showed extreme compassion and care towards my mother and family. She was kind, compassionate, and caring!! Stephenie Brummette Mother Baby
Lakeeya Tucker, D.O. Dr. Tucker is very compassionate about Caregivers and Patients. She is a joy to work with. Stephenie Brummette Mother Baby
Jennifer Hoffman, M.D Dr. Hoffman inspires me with her energy to improve standardization and communication amongst the care team. Dr. Hoffman is always willing to work on new projects, especially those that affect the unit operations. She is always including nursing and residents as well to ensure a team approach. Dr. Hoffman is an advocate for all Patients and is able to communicate openly with other providers to ensure that Patient safety is met. Dr. Hoffman promotes teamwork and honesty by making sure that everyone on the team knows who they are working with and that we are a team, no one is working alone. Monica Woolman Labor and Delivery
Robert Long, M.D.
Dr. Long is dedicated to Patient safety, evidence-based practice, and education. He is always willing to stop what he is doing to explain the care that is being provided including the evidence-based practice rationale as well as the pathophysiology behind the human body and why is responds the way that it does. I am learning from him every day.
Monica Woolman Labor and Delivery
I. Carol Nwelue, M.D.
Dr. Nwelue is the whole package! Smart! Kind! Always willing to help! She is truly inspiring.
Malani Gupta, M.D.
A refreshing and brilliant new member of the Sparrow Pain Service team. Dr. Gupta is always enthusiastic and willing to teach!
Michael Zaroukian, M.D. Dr. Z is always exploring new technologies to help us provide great care. He is an amazing resource, combining new technology with bedside compassion.
Cynthia Buchweitz, M.D.
Dr. Buchweitz ALWAYS puts Patient care first. No matter how packed our schedule is, she works people in, adds on to the end of her day, comes in early, etc. She is thorough in evaluating Patients and leaves no stone unturned. She is my personal doctor, my husband's doctor and my parents' doctor and I cannot think of anyone I trust more in caring for my parents as they age into their golden years. It has been an honor to work with her for 17 years and I am proud of the care we provide for our Patients
Amy Culp, MA
Angel Martino-Horrall, M.D.
Dr. Martino-Horrall has a refreshing and enthusiastic approach to leadership. She is exploring new ways to provide the absolute best care to our obstetric Patients!
James Olson, M.D.
Dr. Olson is incredibly compassionate and fcused on quality and Patient-centered care!

John Kepros, M.D.
Dr. Kepros is always attuned to quality and Patient-centered care!

Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D.
Dr. Kent is a great leader & role model. Very focused on communication skills which improves Patient experience exponentially!

Kristi Demock, D.O.
Dr. Demock is our new Physician in Saranac. While she has only been here two weeks she came in, hit the ground running, and hasn’t stopped since. She is caring, approachable, and compassionate and has an excellent rapport with her Patients. We have eagerly anticipated her arrival for six months and are thrilled with how well she fits into our practice—she is a wonderful asset.
Whole team
SMG Saranac
Steven Edmondson, D.O.
Dr. Edmondson consistently puts the needs of others first, while overseeing Patient care for his own Patient population and for 5 Nurse Practitioners in our facility. He is accessible and approachable with any questions/concerns and seeks to resolve problems/suggests solutions. He is caring, respectful and compassionate, not only to his Patients but to his staff as well. He treats each Patient as a valued family member. He has a unique sense of humor and makes us laugh. His positive attitude is contagious. He has built our practice based on one primary belief - faith, family and friends. Providing the highest quality care is his first priority. He takes the time to listen to each person and make a thoughtful assessment of each need. Despite all the energy he gives in our office, he effectively manages his NGO, Starfysh, bringing lasting, transformative change to the island of La Gonave, Haiti.
Whole group effort
SMG Saranac
Michael Hunt, M.D. I have been attending rounds on the Geriatric Psychiatry Unit since last summer. I have been impressed with Dr. Hunt's dedication to this challenging and vulnerable population. These Patients are complicated from both a physical and mental perspective. He works hard to gather all necessary information to properly medicate and treat the Patient. This can often be complicated because of their age and many comorbidities. His work is most impressive.
Cathirine S. Brennan, MS,RN,CNS,CDP Nursing Education
Chandra Williams, D.O. Dr. Williams is always so informative and really takes her time with me. She has a great caring touch and is very supportive as well as knowledgeable.
Joellen Akin
Pre-Service Scheduling
KhangHy Nguyen, D.O.
Dr. Nguyen is a new Physician with Sparrow and has made a positive impression in the surgery department. He has brought forward new ideas to improve efficiency and the Caregivers have enjoyed working with him in the operating room. Thank you for joining the Sparrow team!
Anne Stone
Lucas Julien, M.D.
Dr. Julien is approachable and always puts his Caregivers and Patients first before himself. He creates a safe and comfortable environment for anyone (regardless of their position) to speak up at anytime to ensure safe quality care.
Anne Stone
Jennifer Hoffman, M.D.
Dr. Hoffman is one of the core faculty of the OBGYN residency program here at Sparrow. She is always willing to go above and beyond not only for her Patients but also for her residents. She takes the time to truly help us along this difficult journey. She spends countless hours ensuring that we become the best Physicians we can be, so that our future Patients will be well taken care of. Her hard work is so appreciated. I'm so grateful to have her as a mentor.
One of the residents ;)
Joe Patton, D.O.
I am inspired by the way that Dr. Patton interacts with his Patients. He will pull a chair up to the bedside and talk to his Patients and listen to what they have to say. He shows true compassion for his Patients. He is easily approachable and treats the Nurses with respect.
Tamara Tasker
Sparrow Carson ICU/MedSurg
Gregory Holzhei, D.O.
Dr. Holzhei is always willing to help with anything that is needed. It could be working someone into the schedule or helping with sick kids after hours or on the weekend. He is always a joy to work with and always has a positive attitude. He is kind, caring and runs on time (which is loved by our Patients). We are lucky to have him as one of our providers.
Sandra Ward
Harnoor Tokhie, D.O.
I am very appreciative of Dr. Tokhie's willingness to be a team player in conjunction with PT, OT, ST and TR. He is respectful of therapists' observations, recommendations, and treatment plans designed for each Patient. He is truly a team player. It is my privilege to work along side Dr. Tokhie. Thank you!
Robyn Borreson, MA, CCC-SLP/L
Mary Free Bed @ Sparrow
Dana Houghton, M.D.
Dr. Houghton is an excellent ED attending Physician who not only cares about her Patients, she truly cares about her staff too. Dr. Houghton takes the time to explain to Patients and their family what tests she is ordering and why; she also takes time to communicate with staff about the plan of action and what needs to be done, not just wait to see what orders appear in epic.
Mary Horn
Kay McLaughlin, D.O.
Dr. McLaughlin is that rare individual with excellent clinical skills and extremely compassionate people skills. She encourages Patients to learn about their bodies and their needs, with her being their guide. She LISTENS to her Patients and doesn't get caught up in rigid routines. She treats each Patient as if he/she is her only concern. She's been our doc for almost 20 yrs. and we love her!
Lois Husby CARES-EAP
Candace Metcalf, D.O.
Dr. Metcalf is a dynamo; one of those people who is constantly busy, yet always makes time to compassionately lend a hand or give encouragement! Dr. Metcalf has championed Sparrow Strong since its inception and gone above and beyond to insure the program is successful.
Lois Husby CARES-EAP
Kristy Beckholt, D.O.
Dr. Beckholt is so knowledgeable and takes ownership of ensuring excellent care at SSH. She does an excellent job of handling challenging situations and does whatever she can to improve them. Plus, her sense of humor is fabulous. She recently has spearheaded Discharge Coordination Rounds to ensure our Patients have a smooth transition to either home or another facility.
Marti Samsel
Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Satish Chandolu, M.D.
I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Dr. Chandolu brings to SSH. He has brought some great ideas on how to continually improve the care to our Patients such as the Neuro Storm treatment. He is always positive and has a calm demeanor with our Patients making them feel cared about and cared for.
Marti Samsel Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Praveen Vemula, M.D.
I really appreciate how engaged Dr. Vemula is in wanting to provide quality care to our Patients. He brings forth suggestions for improvement like our M,W,F Clinical Care Coordination rounds that has really helped improve our communication.
Marti Samsel
Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Satish Chandolu, M.D.
Dr. Chandolu works tirelessly to take care of our Patients at Sparrow Specialty Hospital. He always has a smile for you and pleasant demeanor no matter how long of a day he has had. I appreciate the fact that when I am in need of something from him, he is very quick to respond. Thank you Dr. Chandolu for all you do.
Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Sonya Gupta, D.O.
Dr. Gupta goes above and beyond to meet Patient's needs. She is caring and compassionate and always wants what is best for the Patients. Plus she is a pleasure to work with.
Nichole Grubaugh
Patient Support Services
Christopher Herald, M.D.
Dr. Herald goes above and beyond to care for each Patient that comes to Sparrow Carson. He cares very much for the future of the hospital, its Caregivers, and helps wherever he's needed. His compassion and dedication is to be admired and acknowledged.
Constance Schultz Medical Staff
David Freestone, M.D.
Dr. Freestone is dedicated to his Patients, Caregivers, and students. He is involved and embraces change in our healthcare environment. Our hospital benefits from his knowledge and input.
Lisa Bohen
Medical Staff
Christopher Herald, M.D.
Dr. Herald is dedicated and compassionate not only to our Patients but our Caregivers and students as well. He is a team player and embraces change and progress in our "ever-changing" healthcare environment.
Lisa Bohen
Medical Staff
Ushasree Chamarthy, M.D.
Every day Dr. Chamarthy shows each and every one of her Patients her compassionate, caring commitment to them. Her willingness to spend the time that is necessary for explaining very difficult diagnoses and treatment plans proves her commitment to her Patients. You can teach people many things but compassion is not one of them.
Kathy Bramhall RN
Medical oncology cancer center
John Armstrong, M.D.
Dr. Armstrong always puts his Patients first. He provides excellent Patient care.

Gordan Srkalovic, M.D., Ph.D
Working closely with Dr. Srkalovic has broadened my learning and confidence in the care of my Patients. He is very attentive to the Patient's needs and values putting the Patient first. He is an excellent teacher, Caregiver, and colleague. I feel very fortunate to be able to call myself his Nurse.br /> Lisa, RN
Cancer Center, Medical Oncology
Candace Metcalf, D.O.
Dr. Metcalf is one of the smartest and most talented Physicians I have ever worked with. She is kind and compassionate to Patients and coworkers. If I have a difficult circumstance with a Patient, she is someone I want at my bedside. She is very calm and seems to always think of the one thing nobody else has. She is an exceptional anesthesiologist, and can place an epidural in less time than it takes me to blow my nose. Yet, somehow, she manages to remain humble. I am so thankful to have to opportunity to learn from her on a regular basis. She inspires me to be a better Caregiver.
Mandi Rishel
Labor and Delivery