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The Heart and Vascular Center is home to some of the most advanced technologies for heart and vascular care in the world. Here are some of the state-of-the-science methods our clinicians are using today.

Diamondback 360

Sparrow physicians were the first in mid-Michigan to perform a procedure using the Diamondback 360 Orbital Atherectomy System, an innovative, new way to clear clogged blood vessels using a catheter attached with a tiny, spinning, diamond-coated crown-shaped disk.

This new technology, available only in a handful of hospitals in the nation, allows physicians an exciting, new option in treating peripheral vascular disease, a life-threatening condition affecting as many as 12 million Americans.


The Heart and Vascular Center offers the region’s only cardiac catheterization laboratory with Stereotaxis magnetic navigation technology. Stereotaxis enables physicians to conduct precise remotely controlled, image-guided computerized interventional procedures with greater efficiency and patient safety.

Through the use of Stereotaxis technology, we offer patients shorter procedures, faster recovery times, less exposure to X-ray radiation, less risk of damaging blood vessels or heart tissue, and a reduced likelihood of additional, more invasive procedures.

3-D Echocardiography

3-D Echocardiography is an exciting breakthrough in the field of capturing sonogram images of the heart. This technology gives our clinicians a comprehensive 3-D image of the heart, helping them to precisely diagnose key diseases such as heart failure, valve disease and congenital heart disease.