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Gordon Brennan of Lansing wasn’t ready to give up being a world-class competitor in Tae Kwon Do after suffering three heart attacks from 2007 to 2010. Neither were the expert physicians and nurses who provided life-saving care for him at Sparrow.

“I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for 13 years and with the help of Sparrow, I can keep doing it,” says Brennan, 56.

“Sparrow did a great job of getting me back in fighting shape.”

Brennan suffered his first heart attack in January 2007 and has had stents installed four times to open clogged arteries. Last year, he couldn’t compete in the world championships in Little Rock, Ark., but was intent on at least being there to watch.

He’s grateful to his cardiologist, Christopher D’Haem, D.O., for helping set up a plan for him to get there.

“I know there’s standard protocol for heart attacks, but they tailored their protocol to me as an individual,” Brennan says. “They helped minimize the impact it made on my life.”

He says the teamwork among physicians and nurses at Sparrow was “fantastic.”

“They worked together great. And the doctors and nurses at Sparrow talked to me. They really listened to me as a patient.”

Not surprising, since Sparrow is now home to mid-Michigan’s leading heart team, which understands the importance of involving patients in their care. Sparrow’s heart team spends time with patients – answering questions, listening, treating each one like family.

With the help of his Sparrow “family,” Brennan is now doing so well that he’s competing in Tae Kwon Do tournaments throughout the country. He even participated in this year’s world championships. “It was great to be there.”