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"The last time I saw my granddaughter she asked me, 'Da-da, can I see where you had your surgery?' I showed her, and she wanted to know if it hurt. I said, 'No,'" explained Eldon Watson, 79, of Lansing.

Eldon Watson

It was during a regular check-up that Watson's doctor discovered a heart murmur, so Watson was sent for additional testing. While having his heart checked, a discovery was made. "They found my aortic valve leaked and my aorta was swollen," Watson said. His doctor informed him his aortic valve and his aorta would have to be replaced otherwise it would swell and eventually burst. "Dr. Ara Pridjian was my surgeon, and he did a beautiful job," he said. "I also want to thank Dr. Peter Yoo, my cardiologist."

After his surgery the doctors at Sparrow found that Watson had an abnormal heart rhythm. He received a defibrillator and says he has felt great since then! "I haven't had any more trouble. I was glad I was at Sparrow when it happened. The doctors knew what to do," Watson said.

Watson said he was most impressed with Sparrow's hospitality and timing. "The nurses were excellent. They kept checking on me, asking if I needed anything. I have no complaints whatsoever. The doctors were great. They came to see me. Everything went smoothly," he said. "Everything was on schedule. The operation was right on time. I didn't have to wait. … And one of my daughters is a physician. She was also satisfied with the care I received."