Sparrow maintains a system-wide standard uniform color professional appearance policy, except for Carson City Hospital.

What are the benefits of the policy?

  • Improve patient satisfaction by addressing patient care problems more quickly because of ease of Caregiver identification.
  • Allow patients and visitors to easily distinguish nurses, Patient Care Techs and other Caregivers at a glance
  • Improve safety and quality by allowing physicians and other staff to quickly recognize personnel.

What are the colors and groupings?

  • Royal Blue for unit-based Caregivers such as patient care technicians, dialysis technicians, psychiatric technicians and medical assistants.
  • Hunter Green Registered Nurses.
  • Chocolate (dark brown) will be worn by non-unit based Caregivers such as transport and sitters.
  • Navy Blue for environmental services Caregivers.
  • Wine (deep red) for respiratory therapists, radiation therapists, and imaging Caregivers.
  • Pewter will be worn by EMTs and Paramedics in the Emergency Department, and in-patient phlebotomists/laboratory.
  • Black and White will continue to be the standard uniform colors for all food and nutrition Caregivers.
  • Black Polo Shirts will be worn by health unit coordinators, patient representatives and other administrative support Caregivers.
  • Dark Green Polo Shirts will be worn by physical therapists, occupational and other therapists.
  • Ceil Blue (traditional light blue) will continue to be the standard color for surgical Caregivers

Are there other requirements?

Yes. Tops and jackets must have the Sparrow logo on them. Only plain black or white shirts can be worn under tops. All scrub tops, bottoms and jackets must be the same color. White lab coats will continue to be worn when rounding or providing inpatient care. Logos designated by a Caregiver's union, and approved by Sparrow, may be worn on the left sleeve.

What color pants should Health Unit Coordinators wear?

There is not a specific color of pants/slacks/skirt for HUCs. They cannot wear pants the color of another Caregivers uniform, such as navy blue that is for environmental services. They also cannot wear blue denim jeans or black pants. We would prefer they wear a khaki color, but others such as a light charcoal would be acceptable.

Do staff who wear street clothes – such as Clinical Nurse Specialists and Case Managers - fall under this new uniform policy, and if so what color would they wear?

In general, Caregivers who wear street clothes are required to wear a lab coat with the Sparrow logo on it when seeing patients.