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Cytology is the study of cells for the primary purpose of detecting cancer. A range of normal, benign, dysplastic, and malignant cells as well as some infectious diseases are diagnosed. Tests range from routine screening of GYN Pap tests, to diagnostic fine needle aspiration biopsies of tumors in any body site. Samples typically are collected by scrapings, brushings, washings, fine needle aspiration and collection of body fluids.

The cells are processed onto slides, stained, and viewed under a microscope by a cytotechnologist. A board-certified pathologist reviews all non-gynecological cases, and abnormal gynecological tests. The technologist or pathologist evaluating the sample will focus attention to cellular features that include: the nucleus, cytoplasm, intercellular relationships, and background characteristics. All findings are correlated with clinical history, diagnosis, and radiologic findings when available.

Sparrow Laboratories offers a full array of cytology screening and diagnostic services. The Cytology Department is open from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For assistance with Cytology specimen collection or handling, please contact:
Cytology Accessioning - 517.371.9420
Cytology Department Supervisor - 517.371.9476

If unavailable please leave a message.
Sparrow Laboratories, Client Services at 517.371.9500  

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