Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect
It can be stressful being hospitalized as a teen. You may feel like you lose your sense of independence, you don’t get as much privacy as you would prefer and you may feel disconnected from your friends since you are not able to go to school or participate in your usual activities.At Sparrow, we encourage teens to play an active role in their care and treatment. We invite you to speak for yourself and be involved in care decisions whenever possible. We work hard to respect and maintain your privacy. We encourage you to stay connected with your friends through texting, Skyping, etc.

At Sparrow, there is a teen lounge on the pediatric unit where you can hangout, watch Netflix, play video or board games, or just relax. There is also an activity center with air hockey, foosball, and shuffle board. Both areas are great places to hangout, especially when family or friends come to visit.

Photos from the teen lounge: