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Behavioral Health Centralized Access Services (CAS) 1-800-761-9384 The Centralized Access Services, is the centralized intake department for the Behavioral health  services located within the Sparrow Hospital St. Lawrence campus who can help to facilitate admissions to our Adult Psychiatric Unit, our Geriatric Psychiatric Unit or one of our outpatient programs for either mental health or substance abuse services.  We have a partial hospital day treatment program as well as outpatient substance abuse services such as Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those handling active addiction and an Intensive Recovery Prevention Group (IRPG) for those seeking help to maintain to their recovery.

The Centralized Access Services team is dedicated to providing high-quality evaluations for our entire continuum of care.  The service provides the community with reliable, professional triage and assessment by Mental Health professionals.

Services provided by CAS include:

• Evaluations of persons presenting to the Emergency Department at Sparrow Hospital.
• Expert Assessment and recommendation to help you determine your next steps in treatment options.
• Clinical telephone triage and response
• Inquiries about inpatient care, outpatient care, community services
• Psychiatric consultation for patients admitted to the medical center at Sparrow
• Insurance precertification and authorization for mental health services within Sparrow
• Intake services for outside providers looking to admit persons experiencing a mental health crisis.

Anyone with mental health questions is encouraged to contact the CAS at 1-800-761-9384.  The CAS is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.  

WHAT to expect if you come to the Emergency Department  The mental health evaluations in the Emergency Department (ED) are completed by Psychiatric Social Workers or Psychiatric Nurses from the CAS.  The goal is to access patients with an immediate crisis and recommend an appropriate level of care.  When arriving in the ED, please mention you need a mental health evaluation.