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Nursing Achievement

Sparrow remains among only 6 percent of hospitals nationwide to achieve the most prestigious honor for nursing achievement and excellence—Nurse Magnet® recognition.

Magnet® status is considered the “gold standard” for nursing care in hospitals and is in line with Sparrow’s vision to be a national leader in quality and Patient experience.

Sparrow was awarded with Magnet® redesignation by unanimous vote in June 2014.

About Anna Cooley, R.N.

As vital as Anna Cooley is to Sparrow's Heart Team, she knows she would not be able to be successful at her job as a surgical registered nurse without the help and support of other Caregivers.

Cooley is the Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic (CVT) team leader. She circulates in the operating room taking care of Patients having open heart or vascular surgeries.

“I interact with people all day long to provide a safe surgical experience for my Patient,” she said.

Whether it is prepping the OR for surgery, facilitating monthly team meetings or charting or communicating with Patient's family members during long procedures, Cooley believes what is most important to her daily duties is the teamwork showcased from the CVT Caregivers.

“I would not be able to do what I do without their help and us helping each other.”