The average student athlete is exposed to a varying number of conditioning programs every year. Few however, find the keys to unlocking their athletic success. The performance experts at the MAC offer sport specific training programs for athletes of all ages and levels, which are geared to help achieve their highest level of performance. The training methods, as well as knowledge and credentials at the MAC are unlike any other around. These methods originated in the Eastern Bloc Countries and were improved upon in the United States through Olympic Training Facilities, Professional Sports Organizations, and other national health and fitness professional organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Benefits of Sport Specific Training

With proper training; foot speed, vertical jump, balance, explosiveness, athletic power, and reduction in injuries will result. Parents will also benefit by having a confident student/athlete at home and the potential for saving money towards college tuition if the child is awarded an athletic scholarship.


The brain is the core of all body movement. If the brain could process thoughts at a quicker rate to the extremities, an athlete’s response time would improve. Through many years of research from our friends in the Eastern Bloc Countries, methods such as Plyometrics, audio/visual training and agility training have been proven to help improve communication between the brain and extremities. With proper training, foot speed, vertical jump, balance, vertical explosiveness, and athletic power will be improved.

Program Execution

Training frequency (the number of workouts per week) may range from 1 to 3 times per week. The training depends on whether the athlete is engaged in off season or in season training. Due to the stress of sport activity, an athlete should be seen in-season at least once per week to maintain athletic ability and injury prevention throughout the entire season. No athlete is ever allowed to advance to levels without measurable improvements in motor development, body awareness, balance, and joint stability.

Sport Specific

We currently are working with athletes in the following sports: Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, soccer, track, wrestling, figure skating, golf swimming, and cheerleader conditioning.

Our goal is to have each athlete leave our program faster, more agile, and equipped for competition. For more information on group or one-on-one training please contact Russ Zalkin at 517-364-8824.