What are New Results After Discharge (NRAD)?

New Results After Discharge (NRAD) are results from the lab and other tests that were ordered while a patient is in the hospital, but are reported after the patient has been discharged.

What is the new policy regarding NRAD tests?

Starting September 12, Sparrow will now provide NRAD lab and test results directly to the physician who ordered them for a patient that has since been discharged. Sparrow is making this change to ensure test results are always reviewed by the physician who ordered them to ensure continuity and quality of care for our patients. Sparrow has about 200 NRAD results a day, which is roughly 73,000 a year.

Why is Sparrow making this change?

This change is intended to make it easier for physicians to review results from all ordered tests and enhance patient care.

How will these results arrive?

These results will arrive in a physician’s office at the same time and in the same manner as all inpatient test results arrive (i.e. via Lab Courier, USPS, electronically, etc). Of course, all critical results will continue to be communicated by telephone call as is standard practice.

What should the ordering physician do?

Many of these results likely will not need medical action. The vast majority of these results are typically acceptable, which is likely why the patient was discharged from the hospital. In the majority of cases, these results will not require action beyond a review by the ordering physician. However, if a test result is abnormal, the ordering physician should proceed accordingly.

Who will this affect most?

The physicians most likely to receive these NRADs will be internists, hospitalists, and infectious disease consultants. Most other physicians on staff can expect to receive only occasional results.

When will the change take effect?

On September 12, we will begin to distribute NRAD results to ordering physicians in their offices.
For more information contact Dr. Larry Rawsthorne, M.D., Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, at 364-5900.