Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect

Keeping essential and critical infrastructure staff safe and on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Administering and reviewing a set of screening questions for each employee before clearing them to enter the work site can be slow and cumbersome and create bottlenecks at the start of the work day.

It also creates the potential of having ill or COVID-19 exposed employees report to work to fill out the questionnaire only to be turned away and potentially needlessly exposing their co-workers in the process.

Sparrow’s Online Smart Phone Tool Solution

Sparrow Occupational Health Services has developed a set of paperless online screening questions that align with CDC/County Health Department recommendations.  The Sparrow Occupational Health Services website will have a link to the questionnaire that the employee can answer on their smart phone prior to going to work. This saves the time of the employee having to fill out a paper questionnaire when they arrive at work and saves the employer time screening the written questions. 

When the employee fills out the questionnaire and they will either get a green clearance code or a red stop code both of which are time stamped and dated.

An employee with a green clearance code can quickly show the employer their smart phone display with the code as they report to their worksite and proceed with any additional steps in the employer’s screening process.

Employees will receive a red stop code if the responses suggest that the employee has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or may have been exposed to someone with COVD-19.  The employee will be asked to contact their employer to receive guidance on what to do based on whether they are symptomatic for COVID-19 or have just potentially been exposed.

Employers should seek professional legal advice to evaluate whether they are required to take any additional steps such as checking temperature or other measures to be compliant with local, state and federal requirements.

DISCLAIMER: The Sparrow COVID-19 Symptom Screening Tool does not provide medical advice or connect employees directly to a health care provider. The Screening Tool relies on the information provided by the user which Sparrow does not independently verify. Sparrow assumes no responsibility for how you use the information you obtain from this Screening Tool. In no event shall Sparrow, each of its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives or sponsors be liable to you or have any responsibility of any kind to you under any theory of liability or indemnity related to or arising out of your use of the information presented or contained herein. While Sparrow attempts to use the most up-to-date information, medical information changes frequently and some information may be out of date. The information in this tool is offered AS-IS and such information is used and relied upon entirely at your own risk. Users are solely responsible for any liabilities arising from the use or misuse of the information in this Screening Tool. If you have questions about the information contained in or made available through this Screening Tool, please contact a health care professional. No physician-patient relationship is created by use of this Screening Tool.

Click here to begin Sparrow Occupational Health’s COVID-19 Symptom Screening.

Working on a return to work plan for your company? We have put together a guide for employers that can help. Download now!

Sample Daily COVID-19 Screening Employee Email

Subject: Daily COVID-19 Screening for Employees

To keep you and all our employees safe, we are following local health department recommendations and requiring that every employee be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors each day before entering our facility.

The survey must be completed prior to your shift and is available four hours before your start time. You will be expected to show proof of a green check, which you will receive at the end of the survey, at point of entry. The easiest way is to take the screening test on your mobile phone and save a screenshot.

Regardless of survey results, if you feel that you have symptoms related to COVID-19 please contact a healthcare professional.

The survey below should be completed on all days you are scheduled to work in our facilities.


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