Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect

Dania Williams says she follows a “higher calling” as she goes about her daily duties as a Registered Nurse in Sparrow’s Advanced Medical Stepdown Unit. “I believe I’m held accountable for what I do because the people I’m helping are less fortunate than I am,” Dania says. “If I know I’m doing my best, I know God is satisfied with my work. That’s just who I am.” Dania is the month’s Caregiver Spotlight honoree. Nominator Harley Dunn cited Dania’s willingness to not only provide superior medical care for her Patients, but to serve their emotional needs, as well as those of their families: “Dania has such a big heart and deserves some recognition for the great things she does,” Harley wrote. “That’s what I like most,” Dania says. “It goes beyond my Nursing duties. I like getting to know my Patients and their families, and caring for all of them … that’s the highlight of my day.”

Dania Williams