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The role of the medical oncologist is more than just prescribing medications to treat cancer. They care for the patient from the moment of diagnosis throughout the course of the disease and survivorship by:

Educating the patient about their form of cancer and the stages of its development:

  • Discussing treatment options and making recommendations to the patient
  • Monitoring the care and treatment of the patient throughout the course of the disease
  • Working with the patient to improve the quality of life through healing therapy and in the management of pain and symptoms

Our board-certified hematologists/oncologists employ the latest advanced protocols in fighting cancer. Chemotherapy is provided in a very patient-friendly environment featuring all private rooms. In addition, all of our nurses have specialized training in oncology care.

Our facility is unique in that chemotherapy is provided entirely in private rooms.

Also, we have been certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for providing the highest quality and safety in chemotherapy, one of only three practices in the State of Michigan.

Please contact our office at 517.364.2809 with any questions.