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Caring for others has always been Jean Brockett’s focus in life.

From her husband and children to all the youngsters she helped raise as a childcare provider, Jean has devoted her skills, talents and energies to making every day better for those around her.

Last year, Jean needed a little tender loving care of her own. She had arthritis in her joints and her left knee was crooked, causing her to limp. Jean was experiencing difficulties getting up and sitting down and had begun to rely on a cane.

“I used to walk everywhere,” said Jean. “I really enjoyed getting out on a nice day and taking a long walk. But I just didn’t have the confidence to do that once I started using a cane to get around.”

Jean knew she was going to need multiple joint replacements.

She decided to have the surgeries performed back-to-back so she could be fit to travel for the holiday season.

In spring 2006, she underwent a total hip replacement on her left side followed by a total knee replacement of her left knee last summer and a total hip replacement on her right side last fall.

Orthopedic specialist Edward Sladek, MD, completed all three surgeries. “He was the perfect choice. He’s been doing this for 30 years. When he told me he’s replaced more than 3,000 joints, I knew I made the right decision.”

After her first surgery, Jean completed a four-week, 12-session outpatient therapy program. She found it very helpful and still faithfully performs her daily exercises.

After her knee surgery, Jean decided to do her exercises at home in Leslie rather than in an outpatient setting. It saved her time on the road, and she was getting good results by exercising at home.

After her second hip surgery, she opted to take therapy again — this time at a local location only one block from her home. She was able to walk to therapy and get some exercise for her knee. Since all of the therapists were familiar with Jean and her case, they were able to reinforce exercises for her knee as well as her hip.

“I’m doing wonderfully well. I have great expectations — my hip joints already feel like they are my own. My knee is taking a little more time, but they say that’s normal.”

Jean’s future plans include a lot of walking as she enjoys seeing the sights and celebrates her successful recovery with family and friends in Florida and California.

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