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Sparrow Orthopedic Center provides a unique patient education and rehabilitation model within its Joint Replacement Center.

Your patient experience begins a month before surgery with an informative class on what to expect before, during and after your surgery.

During class, you will meet members of your care team, including...

  • Orthopedic nurses, who care for you while you are an inpatient,
  • Physical and occupational therapists, who manage your rehabilitation, and
  • Case managers, who help you plan for your discharge from the hospital.

Won’t it be nice to see familiar faces when you arrive for your surgery?

Your care team will explain your surgery, answer your questions and talk about what you can expect once you have your replacement joint.

Plan on bringing your own “coach” with you to class — generally a family member or friend who will help with your rehabilitation both in the hospital and at home. After your surgery you’ll take part in an intense daily therapy program, and you and your coach will benefit from each others’ encouragement and support. Experience has shown that having someone close to you participate in your care aids in your recovery — and dramatically shortens your recovery time.