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Sparrow Surgeons and Physician Training

Every single Sparrow physician who performs robotic-assisted surgery has completed an intensive training and mentoring program for this surgical method. Our surgeons are assisted by a robotics team that includes experienced surgical and specialty nurses, surgical technologists and a nurse practitioner — all with focused skills and training in robotic surgery and patient care.

Nearly 2,500 robotic-assisted surgeries have been performed at Sparrow since 2005. Additionally, Sparrow professionals offer guidance and insight to specialists around the state who are establishing robotics programs at their local hospitals.

To learn more about Sparrow surgeons who are trained in robotic-assisted surgery, click on the names listed here. Some of them have prepared videos so you can hear, directly from them, why they are passionate about offering you this advanced treatment option.

About Our Surgeons

Robotic-Assisted Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Daniel C. Coffey
Dr. Lucas Julien

Robotic-Assisted Gynecological Surgery

Dr. James Barton of Sparrow Medical Group Lansing OB/GYN
Dr. Stephanie Fleming
Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Dr. Rhonda Maney
Dr. Joseph Meunierlisten to Dr. Meunier
Dr. Todd Moyer-Brailean
Dr. Paul Schluckebier of Sparrow Medical Group Lansing OB/GYN
Dr. Martin Schoenmaker of Sparrow Medical Group Lansing OB/GYN
Dr. Frank Takyilisten to Dr. Takyi
Dr. Lakeeya Tucker

Robotic-Assisted Urological Surgery

Dr. Donald Bartkowski    …listen to Dr. Bartkowski 
Dr. Damon Davis
Dr. Joseph Mashni    …listen to Dr. Mashni
Dr. Max Rizer    …listen to Dr. Rizer
Dr. Eric R. Stockall
Dr. Rafid Yousif    …listen to Dr. Yousif
Dr. Leonard Zuckerman    …listen to Dr. Zuckerman