Healthy employees benefit businesses!

Health care costs are a major expense for businesses. You can help your employees get healthier and become more productive while helping your company stabilize or lower health care costs.

The Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week program led by the MAC’s personal training professionals. Using an individualized coaching approach in a team setting, trainers help participants move toward a healthier lifestyle to achieve long-term wellness.

Participants receive:

  • initial and post-program health assessment
  • nutrition, physical activity and behavioral information
  • participation incentives
  • the support of a group program
  • individualized focus and attention from the personal trainer
  • unlimited MAC access at reduced fees
  • lifestyle coaching


"The corporate challenge program was great! The education and team workouts really helped the group and the whole concept helps to keep everyone focused and on-track...The workouts were well organized with good variety...challenging, but not overwhelming. Your training style and attitude are great!"
- Frank, American Physicians Insurance

"This program has been great for our company! Our health care cost has flattened out. We are seeing a whole new energy level–less sick days taken...[and] much more camaraderie among our associates."
- Stew, Auto-Owners Insurance