Junior Development Program 

Futures (11-14 years) Futures is a fantastic class for those continuing to develop and understand their game with a focus on learning and FUN! 

Tournament Squad (11-14 years) Players in this class will advance their ability to use directional control and strengthen their stroke. Players will also work on shot consistency while using multiple grips throughout all strokes in tennis. 

High School Squad (14-18 years) This class is for players wanting to gain a better understanding of strategic play while improving their fundamental skills. Strengthening players' abilities to maintain a rally and ue directional control are the key technical aspects of this class. 

Performance Squad (14-18 years) Players in this class will focus on higher level point construction and developing a greater understanding of competitive situations. 

Performance Super Squad (14+) Performance Super Squad is for players actively participating in USTA tournaments on a year-round basis. This squad will work on all elements of being a complete competitor. 

Please view the Program Guide or call the concierge at (517)364-8800 for more information.