Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect
Fee Based Classes:
Fueling the Young Athlete: $20/personLearn about nutrition needs of young athletes based on their development and type of activity. Parents, coaches and/or their young athletes are encouraged to attend to learn more about fueling athletic performance. The cooking demonstration will feature options for a quick & healthy breakfast for the on-the-go athlete, filling snacks to fuel before and after practices/games and balanced lunch/dinner options for busy sports nights. Transitioning to a Plant-Focused Diet: $20/personPlant-focused diets offer a range of health benefits for individuals of all ages. This class will introduce participants to nutrition concepts of following a plant-focused diet. Come and learn the impact plant foods can have on health as well as how to balance nutrient intake while consuming more plant-focused foods. The cooking demonstration will feature 3 to 4 recipes highlighting a variety of plants. Nutrition for Optimal Health: $20/person“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will prevent disease with nutrition.” - Thomas Edison Nutrition can help Protect, Repair, Normalize, Boost and Control health. This class will discuss the importance of specific foods and how individual compounds in food help to achieve optimal health. We will demonstrate 3 to 4 recipes using a variety of “super foods” expanding your food pharmacy for disease prevention and optimal health. Mediterranean Diet – 2 week series: $20/personA Mediterranean style of eating is associated with increased health benefits and overall well-being. Individuals with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol can all benefit from incorporating more foods from the Mediterranean into their diet. Come and learn how to incorporate these foods into your daily menu and health benefits associated with following a Mediterranean diet pattern.

*Class includes Oldways 4-week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan book.
CMEs:Our Culinary Nutrition Team partners with MSU Family Medicine to provide culinary medicine to health care providers for medical education credit. Our dietitians provide information on the interaction between nutrients in foods and their impact on a variety of health conditions including: heart health, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and neurological conditions. The cooking demonstration focuses on recipes that provide the nutrients important for each condition. For more information on current class offerings, check Sparrow Event calendar or contact the Clinical Nutrition Manager, Michele Nikolai, MS RD at 517.364.2364 or email at Michele.Nikolai@sparrow.org. Sparrow can provide a comprehensive, integrated platform to improve wellness at your company. Be Well at Work provides the tools you need to get on a path to wellness, including:
  • Incentives and reward systems
  • Fueling your body and activity tools
  • Event scheduling and management 
  • Team challenges 
  • And more!