The perfect solution for your active child!FIT KIDS CERTIFICATION ages 8-12

• Available for members ages 8-12 years.
• Must be completed by children 8-12 in order to use Cardio and Resistance Training Equipment (excludes free​
weight equipment). Children must wear their certification wrist band provided by the fitness department while
using the fitness equipment (if wrist band is lost please see the Fitness Department for a replacement).
• Fitness equipment use is restricted to Cardiovascular Equipment for children ages 8-10 years of age with a Fit
Kids Certification.
• Resistance training equipment (excludes free weight equipment) is available for Children 11-12 years with a Fit
Kids Certification.
• Parents or guardians must accompany child at all times unless child is participating in a specific supervised
program/event or is in the gym during designated “Open Gym” time as a Certified Fit Kid.
• Register by calling the Concierge Desk at 517.364.8800. This program is complimentary for all members.

• Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times in the pool areas unless
the child has a Wet Kids Certification.
• Children 8 – 12 years of age may use the outdoor pools during open swim time with a Wet Kids Certification.
• Wet Kids Certification: Children must be able to swim one length of the lap pool and be able to tread water for a
minute and demonstrate this to a lifeguard for the DOME and SUMMER seasons each year. This program is
complimentary for all members. (See any Lifeguard for details)
• Children must be signed in/out by parent/guardian with a lifeguard.