Whether you are looking for relief from tired, achy muscles or just want some relaxation, a MAC Massage with one of our licensed massage therapists will help you take care of YOU today! We have a variety of massage styles available and will tailor your massage to fit individual needs. 

Massage Services available: 

Swedish Massage- Long glides and firm pressure is used to provide the comfort of relaxation and can lower stress levels. Swedish Massage provides a healthy balance of well being for the whole body. 

Deep Pressure Massage- Deeper pressure is used to target the loosening of trigger points or "knots" in the muscle. 

Sports Massage- Get a massage before or after a workout or athletic event. We can provide light to deep pressure and stretching for optimal benefits. 

Headache Relief Massage- We can help ease the tension that stress causes and provide relief from headaches. 

Hands and Feet Massage- Enjoy some pampering on your overworked hands and feet. 

Hot Stone Massage- The heat from warmed stones can help release tension and encourage deeper relaxation. 

Couples Massage- A massage for two; schedule with your spouse, partner, friend, or parent and you can both relax together. 

Pre-natal Massage- We can tailor a massage for moms to be. Let us help you find refreshment and relaxation in your journey to motherhood.

Full Body Table Massages 

  • 30 minutes- $45
  • 60 minutes- $65
  • 90 minutes- $90

Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 minutes- $65

Chair Massage

  • 20 minutes- $20
  • 30 minutes- $35

Couples Massage

  • 60 minutes- $130/couple

 Please contact the Concierge at 517.364.8800 for more information or to schedule a session.