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Services Provided

Sparrow Forensic Pathology offers the following services directly or with our local partners such as Michigan State University:

Body transportation                             Evidence collection
Photography                                        Anthropology
Autopsy                                                Entomology
Toxicology/other laboratory testing      Odontology
Histology                                              Neuropathology
Radiography                                         Expert court testimony
Body identification                               Forensic biology (DNA)


Request Services*

Call 888.4.FOREN.6 (888.436.7366). You will hear a recorded message instructing you how to reach the on-call Forensic Pathology Resource Coordinator. Please complete the referral form and fax to 855.300.7312 or email to forensicpath@sparrow.org prior to having the body transported to our facility. We may not be able to begin the examination prior to receiving the completed referral form.

Following examination and completion of investigation and all indicated testing, an examination report will be issued and sent to you. The majority of autopsy reports are completed around 60 days from the date of examination, however, some may take longer due to a variety of circumstances.

*Please note that this service may only be requested by the Medical Examiner of jurisdiction over a given death. We cannot provide forensic pathology services at the request of families, the general public, or any other agencies.