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Across the nation, children’s health and fitness is at risk. The average child spends too much time in front of a TV and drinks too much soda and not enough milk and water.

It’s time to get moving and get active! That’s what the Feelin’ Good ® Mileage Club ® is all about.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Limit TV time and get kids moving.
    • Be prepared to offer alternative activities to TV or video games, like shooting hoops or going for a bike ride.
    • Be active with your kids. You are their role model for an active lifestyle.
    • Don’t position your TV as the main focus of the room. Remove TVs from bedrooms and don’t use television as a reward or punishment.
  • Ways to get non-athletes physically active: Some children are embarrassed to participate in sports because they don’t think they’re good enough. Practice with them to build their confidence.
  • Try new things to find an activity they love, such as horseback riding, dancing and skateboarding. It doesn't have to look like exercise to offer health benefits. 
  • Practice heart-healthy habits: Plan family outings that involve vigorous activities such as hiking and biking.
  • Give your child household chores that require physical exertion like mowing the lawn or raking leaves.
  • Going somewhere close? Walk or bike rather than drive.