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Helping ill and injured patients regain their health is what we do every day at Sparrow. By blending the skill and compassion of our caregivers with the most current, evidence-based medicine and advanced technology, we are able to positively affect tens of thousands of lives every year.

Providing health care is a dynamic and ever-changing undertaking. Just as we apply our ability to change our patients' lives, we also apply what we learn to positively change our organization in ways to benefit our patients and their families.

In 2009, Sparrow reaffirmed our mission, adopted a new vision and rededicated ourselves to our values to project a clear emphasis on quality and patient experience. Our focus and outlook are symbolized by our new brand identity, two interlocking rings that show the energetic movement of key partnerships coming together.

To that end, last year we moved forward to solidify a strategic alliance with Michigan State University’s three human health colleges to enhance our research, education and clinical service collaborations. Cardiologists from Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute (TCI) joined with Sparrow. Our new and expanded team of heart and vascular experts offer groundbreaking cardiac and vascular research and treatment with the most advanced technology and nationally recognized nursing care. In addition we expanded Sparrow's presence in Ionia—Sparrow Ionia Hospital—bringing Sparrow-quality care to the western reaches of mid-Michigan.

The interlocking rings in our new brand identity also symbolize the unity of quality and patient experience. Everything we do is for the patient, and we invest energy, passion and resources to build and develop a patient-centered environment.

We are proud of the heritage of nursing excellence at Sparrow and were honored to earn recognition as a Magnet nursing hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Achieved by only six percent of our nation’s hospitals, Magnet recognition is considered the “gold standard” of nursing care, and truly represents the efforts put forth by Sparrow's nurses, physicians, volunteers and support staff.

We also moved forward in 2009 by building a stronger foundation for future success through the beginning of a phased implementation for an electronic medical record system. This multi-year project, representing tens of millions of dollars of investments, will help transform the way we deliver care.

Every day, we endeavor to develop new and better ways to deliver care, build and strengthen important partnerships and ensure the very best patient care experience. We are dedicated to providing "radical loving care," to every person… everytime … with no exception or excuse.