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Having a strong structure and process is the first step. But Sparrow seeks clear evidence that a difference has been made. At Sparrow, we are always looking to the future in ways to enrich our health care system. Our outcomes dictate next steps.

Patient Experience

A communication bundle was introduced in April 2010 highlighting specific tactics to improve communication between Nurses and Patients. The bundle consists of the AIDET communication technique: A-Acknowledge; I-Introduce; D-Duration; E-Explanation; T-Thank. It includes hourly comfort rounds covering eight behaviors, consistent use of white boards, a Physician-Nurse communication card to write questions between rounds, staff introductions at the start of every shift, and a request to Patients to tell Nurses one thing they would like to have happen during the new shift. Validation of these tactics is performed during Nurse leader rounds.

Sparrow Nurses collaborated with key Physician leaders to redesign the treatment path for Patients in the Emergency Department. The nursing staff have been instrumental in developing a new Vertical Flow Model of Care to decrease Patient wait times and improve the Patient experience. The Nurses have taken a central role in strengthening mutually respectful relationships between themselves and Physicians. The Assistant Department Manager role was redesigned and is key to the success of the new model.

HCAHPS chart

Sparrow Patient Bundle chart

Clinical Outcomes

Hospital Acquired Pressure Uclers—NDNQI Units

Pressure ulcers are defined as any lesion caused by unrelieved pressure resulting in damage to the underlying tissues. Pressure ulcers are associated with extended length of stay and mortality, and cause considerable pain and suffering to Patients.

Sparrow has made great strides in lowering its pressure ulcer rate by standardizing the use of the Braden scale, use of the Lift Team, conducting a mattress survey and appointing Skin Care Champions.

 pressure ulcers chart

Patient Falls with Injury—NDNQI Units

In 2010 we implemented our Falls bundle: The ABCDEs of Preventing Falls. A reconstituted Falls Committee, an education for all units on the bundle, and use of the Post Fall Huddle Form have helped us to focus on Patient falls.

The ABCDEs of Preventing Falls:

  • A. Assess
  • B. Bathroom Assistance
  • C. Communicate
  • D. Demonstrate vigilance
  • E. Educate.

Patient falls chart