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Williamston Rehabilitation Center

Out of tragedy—the death of her stillborn baby—Koresky found a way to approach life that colors everything she does, including the way she works with her physical therapy Patients.

Koresky was struck by the number of people who went out of her way to support her and her husband after the tragedy. "I vowed at that time, I will always, in any capacity, give back. Whether it's a smile, a pat on the back, or even financially if I am able."

"It has really opened my eyes as a Physical Therapist to look at people as more than just a diagnosis, more than just a Patient," she says.

After 12 years as a Physical Therapist for Sparrow, Koresky has become adept at reading the non-verbal cues Patients give and learning how to make them more comfortable, more at ease. That elevates her caregiving to a new level.