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Welcome to the 2011 Annual Report, which provides key highlights of the countless achievements of our team of 10,000 Physicians, Nurses, Staff, Volunteers and Board Members. This year's report focuses on the work of those Caregivers, with touching stories about Patient Care.

While Physicians and Nurses are the most visible, everyone at Sparrow is a Caregiver because they can positively impact Patient safety, quality of care, and the Patient experience, and affordable services.

For example, expert care is exemplified by the Environmental Services team by ensuring facility cleanliness, by Physical Therapists who help Patients regain functional capabilities, and by Pharmacists who not only fill prescriptions but provide guidance to Patients. These are only three examples of how all of us can contribute to outstanding care and service.

The common thread in all of the stories is the joy every Caregiver gets from meeting the Patient's unique needs, the love for helping others, and our passion and enthusiasm for treating the whole person.

These stories show that we each have a key role to play—no matter the current job title or assignment—and all of us must do our part for clinical outcomes and the Patient experience to be at the highest possible levels.

Each person at Sparrow is recruited, selected, developed, supported and expected to have a mind-heart-and-soul commitment to providing quality, compassionate care in the Sparrow Way, which means every Patient, every time…with no exceptions and no excuses.

Besides the work of our Caregivers, the past year has been an exceptional one for Sparrow in many ways.

For example, the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute (TCI) became an integral part of Sparrow, giving us the leading cardiac and vascular team in Mid-Michigan.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital joined the Sparrow Family, broadening our geographic network and helping us deliver care as close to home as possible in the western part of our service area.

We took major steps in our iSparrow Electronic Medical Record initiative, installing the system in each of our Sparrow Medical Group practices. At the same time, we introduced over 7,500 Patients to My Chart so they can have 24/7/365 access to their own medical records.

Together with our Sparrow Way initiative, the iSparrow project is designed to help us transform care to achieve safety, quality, satisfaction and cost effectiveness at national benchmark levels.

We must always focus on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, and constantly look for better ways to provide value to all who rely upon us. We do all of this with an unwavering commitment to ensure that the needs of our Patients always come first.

Throughout the year, we remained committed to providing "radical loving care" to every Patient, every time… no exceptions, no excuses, which we call the "Sparrow Way."


President and CEO