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For every one inspiring story, there are hundreds more to share, thanks to the generosity of people like you. The Sparrow Foundation is grateful for the support that comes from a variety of sources, including annual gifts, estate gifts, memorial gifts, multi-year pledges, special events and more.

We are proud to recognize these individual donors who gave $1,000 or more to the Sparrow Foundation to help care for our community in 2011. Those generous friends who are also members of the Sparrow Philanthropist League (which honors cumulative giving of $10,000 or more), and in the Circle of Sparrow are noted by the * following their name.

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Alexander*
Dr. and Mrs. John Armstrong*
Mrs. Doris Asher*
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Atkinson*
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Auvenshine*
Dr. and Mrs. James Barton*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Brian B. Beauchine*
Mrs. Miriam B. Bethards*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blockett, Jr.
Cynthia S. Boynton, M.D.*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bres*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brett*
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Brewster*
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brogan*
Mr. Max Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bruun*
Mrs. Marian Bryant*
Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Burgess, II*
Ms. April L. Callis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Robertson*
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Cash*
Mrs. Geneva W. Cawood*
Ushasree Chamarthy, M.D.*
William D. Cheney, M.D.*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chojnowski*
Mr. and Mrs. William Christofferson
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Clark*
Ms. Cathy Claypool
Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Cohn*
Dr. and Mrs. Alonso Collar
Ms. Eloise J. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Davis
Dr. Brad Day and Dr. Noel Day
Dr. Joyce L. deJong, D.O.*
Mr. and Mrs. David Donovan*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dooley*
Ms. Shela Dubenion-Smith
Ms. Carol Dwyer*
Mr. Terry Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fellows*
Ms. Judy L. Foley*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Freund
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gadaleto*
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Gifford, M.D.*
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gingas*
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ginsburg*
Dr. Barbara A. Given and Dr. C. William Given
Mr. and Mrs. William Gnodtke*
Ms. Susan K. Godfrey*
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Graham*
Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Granger*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Granger
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Grettenberger, Sr.*
Mr. and Mrs. John Grettenberger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gribben*
Maude S Guerin, M.D. and William F Guerin, Ph.D*
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Guertin*
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hagan*
Dr. Melissa Halvorson Smith, M.D.
Mr. Robert J Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Harrison*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heinzman
Mr. Frederick Hengesbach
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Henry*
Mr. and Mrs. James Herbert*
Dr. and Mrs. James Herman*
Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Herrold*
Dr. Todd G. Hickox and Dr. Carmen R. Ventocilla
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hidlay*
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hilborn
Dr. Mark Castellani and Mrs. Lisa Hildorf*
Mr. and Mrs. Clark W. Hill
Dr. Timothy Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hodges
Ms. Coeta Holloway and Mr. Ken Karachi
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Holman*
Ms. Annie Holmes*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hood
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Horowitz*
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Iding*
Mr. and Mrs. James Iding*
Ms. Maryellyn Jarvis
Drs. David and Laurie Kaufman*
Mr. Daryl Kesler*
Mr. Donald King*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael King*
Mr. David Kositchek*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kosloski
Mr. Alan Bergmann and Ms. Cinda Kosloski
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kowalk*
Mr. and Mrs. David Kruger
Ms. Nell Kuhnmuench and Mr. Roy Saper
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Kuiper*
Mr. and Mrs. James Lahti
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Landis*
Mr. Lyle E. Leatherbery*
Mrs. Marilyn Ledebuhr*
Mr. Seok Woo Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Leweke and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lindell
Mr. and Mrs. David Lockman
Ms. Suzanne Lundy
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Lynch*
Ms. Margaret A. Malovrh*
Dr. Rhonda Maney and Mr. Jeffrey Botkin*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Marsh
Ms. Billi D. Mathias
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maudrie
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGraw
Mrs. Nancy McKeague and The Honorable David McKeague*
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy McKenna*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McPharlin
Mr. and Mrs. John McPhee*
Ms. G. Christine Metts
Mr. and Mrs. David Mohnke
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mullaney
Ms. Laura Mullaney
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Nelson*
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nussdorfer*
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Olsen
Mrs. Annette Ophaug*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ostrander*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Parker
Mrs. Nancy S. Passanante*
Mr. Richard B. Patterson
Dr. Song Yun and Dr. Nikole Pecora-Yun
Mr. and Mrs. John Pirich*
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rabin
Mrs. Geraldine Radke*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ramont
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Rawsthorne*
Mrs. Sharon Regan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reichle*
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Reinoehl*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reynaert
Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson
Mrs. Carol Roehm
Mr. and Mrs. William Roeser
Dr. Joseph Rook and Dr. Susan Rook*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rowley
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rudman*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruth*
Dr. Christopher Ruthruff, M.D.
Ms. Dorothy Schaeff*
Ms. Esther Schafer*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Schiffer*
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Schoenmaker*
Ms. Mary Ellen Sheets and Mr. Tom Amiss*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shimmin*
Mr. Jeffrey Simbob
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Simon*
Dr. George Smith and Mrs. Denise Lafave*
Mr. Joe H. Sohn*
Mr. James R. Sopha
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Spalding
Dr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Spencer*
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Srkalovic*
Joni Steinhaus
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Stockall*
Mr. Ernest F Strefling*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Swan*
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szilagyi*
Mr. Charles E. Tadgerson*
Clarence Underwood, Jr., Ph.D. and Noreese Underwood*
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Uppal
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Urban
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Van Dyke*
Mr. and Mrs. Ted VanDeventer
Dr. and Mrs. James Voltattorni*
Douglas F. Wacker, M.D. and Dee Logé-Wacker*
Mrs. Mary Lee Wager
Mr. and Ms. John Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warzecha
Ms. B. Joan Webkamigad*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. West
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Wilcox*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilhite*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wilkerson*
Dr. Michael Zaroukian and Mrs. Barbara Mitchell
Dr. Shumin Zhao and Dr. Ming Cao