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Having a strong structure and process is the first step. But Sparrow seeks clear evidence that a difference has been made. At Sparrow, we are always looking to the future in ways to enrich our health care system. Our outcomes dictate next steps.

empirical outcomes

Patient Experience

Listening to the voice of our patients has been a key focus to ensure that the Patient Experience is meeting the expectations of those we serve. The feedback we hear from our patients allows us to make necessary changes promptly and to share the information with direct Caregivers. The development of the Daily Huddle for communication has provided a consistent forum for information and feedback to be provided. One way of listening to the voice of our patients is through postdischarge phone calls. In 2011 Sparrow Nurses began making post-discharge phone calls to their patients. This phone call helps to ensure that patients have transitioned home safely and that the patient does not have any questions about their medications or care at home. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCHAPS) survey is another way that we hear the voice of our patients. At the Annual State of Nursing in January of 2012, recordings of Sparrow patient feedback were played as part of the celebration, allowing Caregivers to hear the actual voice of their patients.

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